Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be a costly affair. Take immediate steps to start mitigating damages by calling Pro Carpet Cleaning in Geelong today. If you’re anywhere in Geelong from Bell Park to Manifold Heights our team of home cleaners will be there on the double to restore your water damaged interiors. If your home or office interior has been damaged by a flooding disaster you may be wondering about the carpet water damage repair cost. We will come to your premises to inspect the extent of the damage before recommending the best methods for water extraction.

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Our team will provide you with a free quote on our services including professional water damage carpet cleaning and flooded carpet drying so that we can start repairs without delay. Call us today to save your waterlogged carpets, rugs and upholstery while saving money with the most affordable water damage restoration services in Geelong.

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Water Damage Repair

Keep your head above water with affordable water damage restoration in Geelong today. Make use of our professional water damage repair services to get your home or office restored to its prior condition as soon as possible. There’s no need to put your life on hold with our quick and reliable water damage repair services. We use the best dryers, water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers to remove water from your premises with ease.

Our home cleaners will begin cleanup and salvage as soon as possible to prevent further damages. We do everything it takes to make sure that your home is dried correctly and thoroughly as quickly as possible. At Pro Carpet  Cleaning we are experienced in drying upholstery, getting water out of carpets as well as emergency carpet drying. Our team will make quick work of your water soaked carpet so that you can get back to business. Call our water damage experts for emergency flood damage restoration in Geelong today.

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Mould Removal

At Pro Carpet Cleaning we know that water can cause untold amounts of damage if not taken care of immediately. Mould in your carpet from water damage is a common and costly result of interior flooding. Mould spores that are left undetected in your home or beneath your carpets can quickly become problematic causing damage to your wood, upholstery and fabrics as well as emitting a foul smell that won’t go away. Depending on the type of mould, you could be exposing yourself to toxic or allergenic mould spores that could cause harm to you and to the health of your family.  

Our experienced cleaners are experts at locating possible mould hotspots and at identifying various types of mould. We will advise you on any hazards, the extent of the mould and the mould removal cost before we commence. At Pro Carpet Cleaning we have all the equipment and safety gear needed to safely remove and prevent the occurrence of mould. Don’t let a water spill on your carpet ruin your home. Call us for wet carpet restoration including water damage restoration of rugs, upholstery and mould removal in Geelong today.