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Rug Cleaning Geelong

You can trust Pro Carpet Cleaning with your finest rugs including oriental, persian and designer rugs. We offer rug cleaning as part of our expanding service range to ensure a comprehensive clean up of your home or commercial space. Simply roll up your rugs and bring them to us or we will come to you to professionally clean and sanitize all your pieces. Large rugs that are used in place of carpets in high traffic areas of your home or business can quickly deteriorate if not properly cared for. We will take the greatest care in cleaning your rugs to remove dirt, grime and allergens while ensuring that no harm occurs to your rug fibers.

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Our team of  rug cleaners are trained and experienced in all types and sizes of rug clean ups including large area rugs, living room rugs, synthetic rugs and rugs made from natural fibers. Call our team for the best rug wash services in Geelong today.

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Professional Rug Wash

Getting a professional rug wash can prevent damage to your rugs while increasing the lifespan of your rug. Although your rugs may look clean on the outside, rugs trap fine dust particles and other debris that can easily corrode the textiles of your rug. A professional rug wash will lift and remove all dust and debris while reaching below the surface layers prevent stains from reoccurring. As an environmentally conscious company we make it our duty to use cleaning materials that are biodegradable and safe for domestic use.

We are experienced with everything from modern rugs to shag rug cleaning and cleaning persian rugs. Enjoy fresh and vibrant rugs without getting yourself dirty by calling the professional carpet cleaning company you can trust. Our floor cleaning experts have knowledge of all the best practices and industry tricks to ensure that your rugs receive the quality treatment they deserve. We offer both dry cleaning and steam clean rug services to ensure that your rug is cleaned from the inside out. Call Pro Carpet Cleaning for the best rug cleaner in Geelong to book your appointment today. 

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Cleaning Persian Rugs

Regular cleaning of your designer rugs can prevent the build up of dirt and grime while allowing you to hold onto your rugs for a longer time. We understand that rugs are more than a pretty design piece. Rugs are an investment that can reap profits in the long run if they are properly and frequently maintained. Our floor cleaners are well acquainted with the finer details of rug care. We will conduct a detailed inspection on your rugs to decide on the best course of action before we proceed.

We are experienced with all types of rugs including delicate persian rugs, oriental rugs, chinese rugs, handmade and other custom designer rugs. Our experts are trained to use old school techniques with modern technology to clean your rugs without causing any damage. Call Pro Carpet Cleaning to get your professional rug cleaning in Geelong today. Don’t forget to ask our friendly staff about our carpet cleaning specials or to book an appointment for our carpet and tile cleaning services for a clean home in Geelong today.

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