Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Pro Carpet Cleaning is your one stop shop for professional home and office interior cleaning services in Geelong. Enjoy fresh and clean spaces by giving your home or office the proper clean up it deserves. As the master home cleaners of carpets, rugs, tiles and upholsteries all around Geelong, we guarantee that you never have to attempt doing it yourself again.With so many carpet cleaning companies in Geelong to choose from, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Using only the best carpet shampoo and most efficient steam cleaning techniques for your indoor living areas, we guarantee that our experienced carpet cleaners will never cause damage to your home.

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Our services include carpet steam cleaning, deep carpet cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning. Get in touch with Pro Carpet Cleaning for your commercial carpet cleaning and home cleaning services anywhere from Grovedale to Corio at the most affordable prices. Give our team a ring to book your appointment for carpet cleaning in Geelong today.

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Steam Carpet Cleaner

Having your carpet steam cleaned will immediately change the look and feel of your home or business. Our professional steam carpet cleaning services will have your carpets decontaminated, sanitized and deep cleaned in no time. With steam cleaning there is no need for harsh chemicals or carpet shampoos. Steam cleaning uses water and high temperatures to draw out and remove dirt and grime including pet hair and dead skin cells from your carpet.

Our machines are lightweight and can easily maneuver its way into any tight space or corner. Steam cleaning is powerful enough to kill and eradicate germs, mould spores and bed bugs with ease while also removing deep set and unsightly stains. Have your carpets looking and smelling new again with our steam carpet cleaning services in Geelong. Call Pro Carpet Cleaning for an obligation free quote for professional carpet cleaning services in Geelong today.

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Rug Cleaning Geelong

Are your rugs looking worse for wear? Area and oriental rugs add luxury and opulence to any space. Akin to a piece of art, rugs are most used as a design piece to create a beautiful interior for your home or office space. Often placed in high traffic areas, rugs are used as protection for your floors, naturally trapping dust, dirt and grime each time someone steps on it. Attempting to clean your rug yourself with incorrect tools and poor techniques may cause irreparable damage to the fibers of your rug.

At Pro Carpet Cleaning we have all the specialised cleaning equipment and high quality products we need to professionally clean all types of rug materials. Our home cleaners are experienced in area rug cleaning and will take care of everything from wool rug cleaning to delicate persian and oriental rug cleaning. Properly maintaining your rugs will add durability and increase the lifespan of your rug. Give us a call to restore your rug to its former glory with professional carpet cleaning services in Geelong today.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Geelong

From Newtown, Rippleside to Hamlyn Heights, our home cleaners will drive out to you wherever you are in Geelong, Vic. If it’s a dry carpet cleaner that you’re after then our home cleaners have got what you need. Dry carpet cleaning has a wide range of benefits that will help you properly maintain and increase the longevity of your carpet. Dry cleaning your carpets will eliminate the need for water and detergents commonly used in carpet cleaning.

A common problem with using water is that even tiny droplets left behind in your carpets can soak into the under boards creating a breeding ground for the growth of mould and mildew. Dry carpet cleaning is different in that it uses dry absorbent compounds in the form of a porous powder to attract dirt and grime. This is followed by a thorough vacuum to remove chemical residue. Dry carpet cleaning is also known to have better outcome in cleaning carpet stains than traditional methods. Call us to find out about our carpet cleaning specials in Geelong today. 

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Upholstery Cleaning

Why not hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner for service quality you can trust? At Pro Carpet Cleaning we are the experts in carrying out professional eco clean and deep cleaning services on all your upholstered sofas, couches and surfaces. We offer a comprehensive range of home and office cleaning services including spot cleaning of spills and high quality carpet cleaning.

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Tile Cleaning

Rejuvenate your tiled areas and increase the lifespan of your tiles with our tile steam cleaner services in Geelong. We will brighten up your tiles with Enviro clean and Enduroshield products that are safe for the environment and the whole family. Our bathroom steam cleaner will instantly eliminate dirt and grime while easily removing tough mould and mildew build-up. Try our ceramic tile cleaner and grout whitener for a fresh interior that looks better than new.

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Rug Cleaning

Simply bring your rug to us or give us a call at Pro Carpet Cleaning so that we can come on over to your premises for professional rug cleaning in Geelong. We will take the greatest care to ensure that your rugs are thoroughly and carefully cleaned without suffering any damage. Our rug cleaners are experienced with all rug textiles and types including wool rug cleaning, oriental rugs, throw rugs, floor rugs and area rug cleaning.

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Water Damage Restoration

Has your home or office premises been caught in a flood? Get in touch with our team for water damage restoration services throughout Geelong.Torrential rains or plumbing disasters can cause substantial damage to your home or office interior. Our cleaning experts know just what to do with your wet rugs and waterlogged carpets. Call Pro Carpet Cleaning for emergency flooded carpet clean up, flooded carpet drying and upholstery wet vacuum services in Geelong today. 


How much does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping can cost anything from a few hundred bucks for a garden refresh or mulching to thousands of dollars for a professional landscaper to assess and create a design for your property and construct beautiful features and luxurious entertaining areas. We have something for everyone. We use industry leading planning and budgeting skills to ensure your landscaping ideas are met without breaking the bank. Taking expert advice early, can save you serious money in the long run.

Do I need to move my furniture prior to carpet cleaning?
Our home cleaners are experienced in moving furniture such as sofas and coffee tables without causing damage to your home or office space. For insurance and safety reasons we kindly ask that you organize for the moving of heavy, expensive or delicate pieces of furniture and equipment prior to our arrival as an extra precaution. These include items such as electronic equipment, pianos or china cabinets.
How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
Our experts recommend that you conduct carpet care and maintenance on a regular basis and that you book a professional carpet clean every 6 months however this could vary depending on the amount of foot traffic your carpets receive or if there are smokers in the house. If you have a large household which includes young children and pets then you may need to book more frequent carpet cleans.
Do you guarantee complete stain removal?
At Pro Carpet Cleaning we are the experts at cleaning carpet stains including common stains that are notoriously difficult to eradicate. These include deep set ink stains, grease and spilled nail polish. While our home carpet cleaners will make use of tried and tested techniques to safely remove all stains, some stains may be impossible to eradicate especially if it has already caused damage to the carpet fibers.
Will my carpet shrink?
Carpets tend to shrink if they are made from natural fibers and exposed to water that is too hot. However most modern carpets use synthetic fabrics helping avoid this issue. Shrinkage can also occur if your carpet has not been properly installed. We make use of professional techniques and cleaning equipment as well as the highest quality cleaning supplies to ensure that no damage occurs to your carpet.
Do I need to be at home during the cleaning?
Although you are most welcome to watch our service experts in action, you do not need to be at home during the cleaning process. All we need is entry to your property and a connection to your water and power supply. Our home cleaners are fully trained to provide professional services whether under supervision or unsupervised. We ask that you be home upon completion so that we can be sure you are fully satisfied with the results.

Affordable Rates

For a spot clean carpet and the best home carpet cleaner in Geelong call Pro Carpet Cleaning today. Whether you need an industrial carpet cleaner, commercial carpet cleaner or home carpet cleaner our service professionals have all the tools and expertise to get the job done. For exceptional carpet care at unbeatable prices why not call the local carpet cleaners you can trust? With years of carpet washes under our belt you can be rest assured that your home or office interior is in safe hands. We also take care of everything from upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning to tile cleaning and water damage restoration. Call our friendly team of service professionals for an obligation free quote on your next carpet cleaning in Geelong today.
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